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-Why would I want Counselling?
Counselling can provide you with a place to work therapeutically with a whole range of issues. It can often be the one place you are able to truly be yourself, and be real and honest. It can be a place for you to share, where you do not have to worry about hurting or offending others, and where you are able to work through often difficult feelings.

-How many sessions would I need?


I offer Counselling on both a long and short-term basis. This would be something we would discuss and decide


together at the beginning of our work, and something we could regularly review over the course of your


therapy. Sessions are usually one hour in duration, and on a weekly basis. This is flexible however, as often


lifestyle and work or family commitments require us to change and adapt. For Counselling to truly benefit you


it needs to be manageable, not be a source of additional stress or pressure.

-What do we do in Counselling?

Our initial appointment will be just about talking and getting to know one another. It will give you an idea of who I am, what I offer and how I work. It will be an opportunity for you to share what you would like to gain from Counselling, and allow for you to get a feel of whether you think I am the right Counsellor for you. 

-What if I want to stop? Or I need to miss a session?

I will always encourage an open and honest relationship. The choice to end Counselling remains your decision as the client, and I would respect any choice you make. I do however feel that as a natural part of the Counselling process that this should be worked through together, so the most can be gained from the experience.

We all need to miss appointments sometimes. I would generally ask 24 hours notice for a cancellation, so I am able to release the use of the room. If you are unable to give me this notice, and I am unable to use the room, I will require full payment for the session.

-Am I experienced to work with you?

Both my personal experience, and my subsequent training have enabled me to work confidently with a whole range of issues. If I were to feel either during our initial appointment, or in any subsequent appointments that you would benefit from working with someone within a more specialized field relative to your particular problem, I would discuss this with you, and am always happy to refer you. 

I have undertaken both basic and advanced training, and I continue to train at The Heartwood College of Counselling and Psychotherapy. This is further Advanced training so I am able to work as a Psychotherapist.

I also attend regular days of Continual Professional Development, in a variety of topics, to keep myself up to date professionally and to deepen my knowledge and further develop my skills.

My work is monitored regularly during Supervision, with an experienced and knowledgeable Supervisor.  

-Appointment times and Availability?

I am available week days from 12.00pm-21.00pm (excluding Wednesday). I am able to consider morning sessions upon request. Saturdays are between 9am and 5pm. Please call or email me if you have an enquiries around my availability.  If you need to leave a message it will be in the strictest of confidence and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

-Is it Confidential?

Counselling is always confidential, and this forms part of the contract between the Client and the Counsellor. I


will not break this confidentiality unless you as the client require me to do so, or in exceptional


circumstances. So, for example, if you would like me to make contact with you GP or other professional, or if I


have serious concern for your welfare, or the welfare of a third party. This would be both a legal and moral


duty for me, but I will endeavour to discuss with you first before I would proceed with any course of action.



As previously stated, I also attend regular Supervision as an ethical and moral obligation of being a Registered


Member of the BACP, but this does not require me to disclose either names or specific details, and is


also confidential.

Call; 07505707385
Please leave a message and 
I will get back to you.
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